Zinc oxide coated bearing

Linear recirculating ball bearing with low pulse amplitude

Scaheffler’s INA linear technology is a newly-developed, six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guide way assembly that are highly precise assemblies that run extremely soundlessly, which work efficiently in a measuring machine and well-established products. The infeed zones in linear recirculating ball bearing and guide way assemblies, that is to say the area in which

Small Linear Axis for Large Tasks

Igus is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of plastic bearings they also have spherical bearings, linear guides and cable carriers. They started back in October 1964 in a double garage in Cologne. They are used to make affordable polymer components and assemblies. They are a worldwide manufacturer of good qualitative ball bearing. They have been

Icing Trials for AW609 Aircraft

Icing conditions can be brutal for the most part, however pilots train on various types of aircrafts in order to get a feel of how flying or operating an aircraft would be in such hard conditions. The new AW609 is now getting ready for flight tests in icing conditions since the last crash that happened